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Welcome to the spare parts page, where hopefully you can find the spares you require, if not please contact us and we will do our best to help.

  This Page is constantly changing and growing please be patient if some of the pictures take a little time to load.

Ceramic Heater Elements
Quartz Heater Elements
Heater Controllers (Triacs)
Heater and Loom Wire
Heater Accessories
Silicone and Sponge Seals
Pyrometers and temperature measurement
Bearings and Cam followers
Front Door Fasteners
Cylinder Seal Kits
Valves Regulators and Gauges
Vacuum Pump Filters and Spares
Gears and Racks

All Prices Quoted Exclude VAT and Delivery and are a guide only as some price changes may have been applied but not updated here, so please check.

Heater Elements
Ceramic Heater Elements Spares

244mm Concaved ceramic elements.
122mm Concaved ceramic elements 200w 240v only £18.50

500 Watt, 300 Watt, 150 Watt, 240Vac or 110Vac Available

1-9 x £18.20 each
10-25 x £15.75 each
25+  £14.20 each

Large Quantities will need to be ordered
@2 weeks delivery


Quartz Elements
500w 240Vac 245mm Heater element for vacuum forming machines

500 watt, 300 Watt, 240Vac or 110Vac Available

1-9 x £22.10
10-25 x £21.80
25+  £20.35

Large Quantities will need to be ordered
@2 weeks delivery


Heater Element Controllers
Heater controller triac card, 4 chanel heater elementt zone controler Single Zone heater element controller

12 Amp 240Vac Controllers  (Single Zone)
Suitable for Shelley and ITS
(Independent Technical Services) machines 3 wires.

1 x £39.50 each

5 Amp 240Vac Controller Heater Cards (4 Zones)
Suitable for ITS (Independent Technical Services)
Heater Controller Machines.

1 x £87.10 each


Heater Wire and Accessories

1 Sq mm Loom wire - £1.81p/ metre
4 Sq mm Loom wire - £3.86p/ metre
(Silicone and Glass fibre coated white)

2.5 Sq mm Chassis Wire  -  £4.75/ metre
(Red or Black Silicone type)

Chassis terminal blocks  -  £4.47 each
(Ceramic 2 way)

High Temperature Insulating tape - £28.80 / reel


Aperture Plate and Tool Seals
V Section Apperture plate seal Cannon Shelley Old Style Clamp Frame SealDouble d section Apperture plate seal for vacuum forming machinesD Section Seal for vacuum forming machines
Double "D" Section 10mm  -  £4.10/ metre
(Suitable for ITS and upgrades)

8mm "D" Section  -  £4.97/ metre
6mm "D" Section  -  £5.41/ metre
6mm "V" Section  -  £5.46/ metre

25 x 12mm Expanded silicone seal - £5.95/ metre
Seal suitable for All Cannon Shelley and ITS (Independent Technical Services) vacuum forming machines, bespoke seals can be manufactured to order please contact us for further details


Heating and Cooling Pyrometers
Vacuum Forming machine Pyrometer spares

New style waterless pyrometer suitable to retrofit most vacuum forming machines that currently have a pyrometer fitted especially Cannon Shelley and ITS (Independent Technical Services) machines.

Can be configured for 0-10v or 4-20mA output.
Sensing head rated to 180 Degrees C so no water cooling required.

High temperature Pyrometer £POA Heating
Low temperature Pyrometer £POA Cooling


Bearings for heater etc
Vacuum Forming Machine Cam followers 6002 Bearing

KR30 Cam follower  £17.80 each
CR12 Cam follower  £14.20 each
CF8   Cam Follower £15.50 each
S44L Cam follower £16.80 each

6002-2Z FAG bearings £6.50 each
6001-2Z FAG bearings £6.20 each
6201-2Z FAG bearings £6.30 each
6300-2Z FAG bearings £7.20 each
6302-2Z FAG bearings £7.30 each

Specific bearings can be ordered please contact us for all enquiries.


Front Door Fasteners
1/4 turn front door fastner

1/4 Turn SouthCo Fasteners £POA each


Cylinder Seal Kits and Cylinders
Asco Joucomatic logoNorgren logo Vacuum Forming Machine CylinderCylinder seal kits

Norgren and Asco Joucomatic seal kits available for all sizes of pneumatic cylinders fitted on most vacuum forming machine from Cannon Shelley, ITS, Formech and format.

Please contact us with the Bore size and manufacturer.

For new cylinders please tell us the bore size and stroke and we will give you a price.


Vacuum Pump Spares and service parts
Vacuum Pump Oil Demist filterVacuum Pump Oil Filter

Spares available for Becker, Busch and Rietschler pumps.

Busch Large 160 oil demist filter £POA
Busch Medium 063 oil demist filter £POA
Busch Large Oil Filter £POA
Busch Small Oil Filter £POA

Becker U4.165 Oil Demist Filter £POA
Becker U4.100 Oil Demist Filter £POA
Becker U4.70 Oil Demist Filter £POA
Becker U4.40 Oil Demist Filter £POA
Becker U3.40 Oil Demist Filter £POA

Rietschler VCE 60/40 Oil Demist Filter £POA

Pre - Filter C15124/1 Large £POA
Pre - Filter C1337 Medium £POA
Pre - Filter C112 Small £POA

Vacuum Pump Oil suitable for all pumps £POA/litre


Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pump

Becker U4.40 £POA
Becker U4.70 £POA
Becker U4.100 £POA
Becker U4.165 £POA

All 3 phase and with 12 month warranty.

Many other items also available but not listed yet, if you have a specific requirement that you think we might be able to help you with then please contact us and we will do our best to help.


Valves Regulators and Gauges
Popper ValveVacuum Forming machine Control Valve

Joucomatic ISO 1 5/3 pilot/pilot W1
Joucomatic ISO 1 5/2 pilot/spring
Joucomatic ISO 2 5/3 pilot/pilot W1
Joucomatic ISO 2 5/2 pilot/spring
Joucomatic ISO 3 5/3 pilot/pilot W1
Joucomatic ISO 3 5/2 pilot/spring
Joucomatic ISO 4 5/3 pilot/pilot W1

Omal 3/8" process valve
Omal 1/2" process valve
Omal 3/4" process valve
Omal 1" process valve

Joucomatic 3/8" poppet valve
Joucomatic 1/2" poppet valve
Joucomatic 3/4" poppet valve
Joucomatic 1" poppet valve

Joucomatic solenoid valve
Joucomatic 1/8" solenoid valve base

Solenoid valve Coil 24Vdc, 110Vac, 240Vac

1" filter regulator
3/4" filter regulator

50mm Air Pressure Gauges 1/8" Bsp rear
50mm Vacuum Pressure Gauges Bsp rear

Various types of valves available if you cant see your valve in the list the please contact us


Mitsubishi plc for vacuum forming machinesMitsubishi HMI E1071 for referbishment

FX2n 64 MR 141282 Control PLC £POA
FX2n 80 MR 141287 Control PLC £POA
FX2n 80 MT 141289 Heater Controller £POA
FX2n 128 MT 141292 Heater Controller £POA

FX3u 48 MR 206138 Control PLC £POA
FX3u 64 MR 206139 Control PLC £POA
FX3u 80 MR 206140 Control PLC £POA

E1071 HMI 7.5" Touch screen 156097 £POA
E1151 HMI 15" Touch screen  156100 £POA


Gears and Racks
Bevel gears for vacuum forming machine service and repair
Drape and clamp frame rack

Please contact us for details



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