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Mitsubishi PLC and HMI software programming

Maybe you are not interested in Vacuum Forming machines and just have a great idea and need automation, Mitsubishi PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI's (Human Machine Interface) are a great combination to get you started, we can help you develop your own PLC and HMI programs for your projects.

You can involve us right at the start and half way thru or even at the end once you have a fully wired up machine and just need help with the programing.

With many years experience programming Mitsubishi PLC's and HMI's i am sure we can help you, give us a call or send us and email.

We have good experience in programming a wide range of Mitsubishi electric equipment using GX Developer, E-Designer and GT Works the list below is just a few examples.


Mitsubishi Fx Series PLC Controllers
Mitsubishi Fx 1s Series PLC Controllers
Mitsubishi Fx 1n Series PLC Controllers
Mitsubishi Fx 2n Series PLC Controllers
Mitsubishi Fx 3u Series PLC Controllers
Mitsubishi Fx 0n Series PLC Controllers

Relay and Transistor units

Special function blocks 2AD, 4AD, 2DA, 4DA, 1PG, 10PG, 5A

Q Series programming and network setup


Mitsubishi E700 Function Keys
Mitsubishi E900 Function Keys
Mitsubishi E1071 Touch Screen
Mitsubishi E1101 Touch Screen
Mitsubishi E1151 15" Touch Screen

Mitsubishi GOT 900 Series
Mitsubishi GOT 1000 Series


Mitsubishi F700 Series Intelligent inverters

J2 Super Series Servo Motor Control

HC-SF Series
MR-J2 Series
MR-J3 Series

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