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Welcome to the power saving's page where we will tell you all about upgrading your machines to save power and then money


There are many things you can do to save on the running costs of a vacuum forming machine and I will try and explain them below.


One of the biggest savings that is available is Air Regeneration, this simply joins the nose and tail of cylinders together allowing gravity to lower your Drape Table and/or Clamp frame.

Thus saving you the air needed to do this pneumatically, savings thousands of pounds in the power needed to generate the compressed air in the first place.

Savings from £200 - £2000 per year are obtainable depending on the machine size and cylinders fitted.

Fitting costs also vary with machine size typically for drape and clamp frame regeneration it would cost £750-£1100 dependent on size and configuration.


Watermist is a very easy option to fit to most machines and basically water is atomised as it leaves the watermist gun this water then evaporates before touching to the material chilling the air down, this will lower your cooling times saving you operator costs and power while the heaters are in the rest position. Costs from £850


New Triac heater element controllers are more efficient at controlling the temperature of the elements, switching OFF and ON five times per second allow much better control of the elements

Quartz elements heat up much faster than ceramic elements this means in the rear position you can turn them down by up to 85% saving lots of power. This rapid heating up also saves warm-up time.





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