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Welcome to the Service page where we will tell you all about our service options available to you.


Our Service is tailored to your machine as there are no two machines alike in size and operation.

We can offer a service agreement of 2-6 services per year or just a one of service when you think it may be required.

The machine is comprehensively checked for defects and the cylinder alignments and speeds checked, aperture plate and tool plate seals checked, heater elements and wiring checked, full electrical cabinet inspection, vacuum pump servicing and vacuum pressure checking.

We are not the kind of company to come along and fit expensive pats without your approval and a full service report is given at the end of the service including the parts fitted and problems found and fixed and problems outstanding that will need to be addressed.

We can comprehensively service all Cannon Shelley and ITS (Independent Technical Services) Machines.

With Formec, Format, Geiss, Ridat, EDL and Jackerman machines we have an understanding of the machine systems and there operations.

Please contact us if you would like to book a service or would like more information.






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