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Welcome to the upgrade page where we will tell you all about upgrading your machines to the latest specifications

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Vacuum Forming machine upgrade

Mitsubishi E1101 HMI on a vacuum forming machine

We offer a full range of upgrades from heater rewires to full PLC upgrades with the latest touch screens with full  machine fault monitoring.

Using Mitsubishi HMI's and PLC's un-reliability will be the thing of the past.

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Heater Rewires
Triac Control, heater controls
Pneumatic Upgrades, using VDMA parts
Control Circuit (PLC) full and part installation
Pyrometer upgrades, Waterless units improve reliability
Pneumatic Air Regeneration (Save air save money)
Sheet level Upgrades
Watermist and cooling upgrades

These are just a few things we can do for you please contact us for a quote or more information.

Before After
Hanwood Electrical cabinet Hanwood PLC Upgrade
Hanwood Vacuum Forming Machine Pnuematic's Vacuum Forming machine after a pneumatic's upgrade
Vacuum Forming Machine Valves New Omal valves
Awaiting pictures Lower Heater Upgrade on a Vacuum Forming Machine
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There are many options to choose.

1, PLC Upgrade with either a 7", 10.4" and 15" touch screen
2, Pneumatic upgrade including new cylinders, Pipes and Valves
3, Heater rewires including new Elements, Terminal blocks and Looms
4, Total Strip Down and rebuild including a re-spray in any colour
5, Pyrometer upgrades using the latest waterless Pyrometers
6, Clamp Frame and drape upgrades
7, Fitting Air Regeneration valves to save on air consumption.

We would need to have a visit and survey your machine, we would then sit down and discus your requirements and come up with a detailed upgrade plan for you to choose.

There is no point fitting all the latest, biggest most expensive parts on a very small machine, you might as well buy a new one, which is where we can also help you by giving you the Pro's and Con's to the different manufactures. Cannon Shelley, Independent Technical Services, Geiss, Format, Formech, They all have there advantages and Disadvantages. Contact us for more information.

To give you an idea on the cost a PLC upgrade it will cost from 3500 upwards depending on the specification.

This gives you a PLC and Touch screen HMI, full limit switch and Valve wires.
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